How to Make a High School Prom Program

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Document creation software

  • Paper

  • Printer

A prom is one of the highlights of the high school experience. It is a memorable event that celebrates a milestone in the lives of the students. A high school prom program outlines or lists the activities planned for that special occasion, and gives attendees an idea of the schedule and sequence of events. Building the program around a specific theme is one of the best ways to make a high school prom program.


Step 1

Create a prom night planning committee, or meet with prom committee members or organizers if they are already in place.

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Step 2

Discuss and decide on a specific theme to use for the prom. Determine the events and choose the hosts, entertainers and anyone else who will play a significant role in prom night activities.

Step 3

Design the prom program with the theme in mind. For instance, if it is a red-carpet, Hollywood-style theme, use computer graphics and elegant or formal fonts in the program. If it is a party theme based a 1980s disco concept, use iconic graphics such as a disco ball and '80s-style fonts for the program.


Step 4

Choose the type and size of paper you will use to print the high school prom program. Type out the program using a word processing program, and insert graphics and pictures as needed. Use fonts that are suitable for the theme of the prom.

Step 5

List the planned prom events in sequential order from start to finish. Determine the layout of the information in the program and choose how to place the lineup of events in the program, which could be a single page, a folded page, a booklet or a card. Events can include the opening by prom host or master of ceremonies, presentation of the prom king and queen, opening dance by the king and queen, student hall of fame lineup and entertainment.


Step 6

Apply the name of the high school, the date, venue, starting time, name of the prom, and any suitable graphics to the program cover.

Step 7

List the names of all major participants, such as the prom host, entertainers, disc jockey, and the prom king and queen. Also list the names of the class officers -- president, vice president, secretary, treasurer -- the senior class advisers and the prom chairman.


Step 8

Place a hall of fame list in the program to honor students for various accomplishments or traits, such as prom king and queen, best all-around, most likely to succeed, best student, most popular, most athletic, most talented, best-looking, best-dressed and class clown.

Step 9

Include the names of the entertainers, faculty members, chaperons and people responsible for the music, decorations, event planning, refreshments or catering, invitations, tickets and post-prom activities.


Step 10

Edit the information in your word processing program. Run a spell check and review the document carefully.

Step 11

Print the program using a computer printer, suitable paper and ink. You could also use a paid service to print your high school prom program.


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