How to Make a Ballot Sheet for a Baking Contest

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Printer

  • Copier

  • Scanner

  • Pen

Baking contests require a fair vote.

Making a ballot for a baking contest helps the voting process remain easy, smooth and intuitive. Baking contests have represented a popular avenue for fundraisers for many years. These tasty contests have emerged as a fun way to bring together neighborhoods, churches and school groups. Making a ballot offers an excellent opportunity for creative types to use their artistic talent with decorations and fun themes.


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Step 1

Select the method you wish to use for your ballots. Make a master copy by hand to be photocopied or use a word-processing program on your computer.

Step 2

List the name of one entry at the top of each ballot. If you have duplicates of some recipes, use numbers to label each entry rather than a name. Make sure that each ballot keeps the baker's name anonymous.


Step 3

Select taste categories for your vote. Assist voters by dividing your ballot into categories that help guide their taste buds. Opt for categories such as "moistness," "creativity" and "richness" to give voters specific qualities to judge. List these categories down the right side of your ballot.


Step 4

Make a numerical rating section horizontally across each ballot. Write a list of numbers in ascending order from 1 to 5 to make your rating section. Place these numbers on the same line with each tasting category. Space the numbers evenly apart.

Step 5

Write a verbal explanation of your rating system at the top of the page, beneath the title of the entry. For instance, explain that 1 means the least and 5 means the most in your system. A score of 5 in the category of moistness means that the entry is very moist, while a score of 1 means that the entry is dry. Instruct voters to circle the appropriate number for each taste category.

Step 6

Place a large box at the bottom-left corner of each ballot. Use this box to tally the circled numbers for each entry.


Every baking contest is different, so use a rating system that works for your particular event.



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