How to Keep Paint From Sliding Off Inside a Glass Ball

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How to Keep Paint From Sliding Off Inside a Glass Ball
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Things You'll Need

  • Rubbing alcohol

  • Acrylic paints

  • Empty egg carton

  • Narrow ribbon or metal ornament hook

  • Bow, decorative pick, miniature pine cones or other embellishments (optional)

  • Hot glue gun (optional)

  • Raffia, tinsel, thin beaded garland (optional)

  • Pencil (optional)

Decorating the inside of a glass ball with paint is an excellent way to make Christmas ornaments in your choice of colors. You can also paint the balls to use as home decor any time of the year. However, if you do not use the correct techniques, the paint will slide off the inside of the glass ball. Even coverage is important to how the finished glass ball looks. You can prevent problems with this craft project by following basic techniques for painting inside clear glass ornaments.


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Step 1: Remove Hanger and Cap

Remove the hanger and metal cap from the glass ball.

Step 2: Pour in the Alcohol

Pour about 1 tsp. of rubbing alcohol into the glass ball.

Step 3: Shake and Clean

Place your finger over the opening of the glass ball and shake it well. The alcohol cleans the inside surface of the ball, enabling the paint to stick where you want it to. The paint won't adhere if the interior has residue from the manufacture of the ball.


Step 4: Empty and Dry

Pour out the alcohol. Set the glass ball with the opening facing down into an empty egg carton. Allow it to dry thoroughly. The egg carton prevents the ball from rolling off the surface and breaking.

Step 5: Squeeze in Some Paint

Place the acrylic paint bottle up to the opening of the glass ball. Squeeze three or four drops of the paint into the ball. Rotate or tilt the ball slowly so the paint flows over the area you desire.


Step 6: Add More Paint

Add more of the same color paint or add three or four different colors in the same technique. Place the drops into the glass ball at a different section of the opening. Once you are finished with this step, there should be no more than a dime-sized pool of paint in the bottom of the ball.


Step 7: Allow the Paint to Set

Put the glass ball in the empty egg carton for about five minutes.

Step 8: Turn the Ball

Pick up the glass ball and rotate, tilt or move it a quarter turn every 5 or 10 minutes. This allows any excess paint to cover any bare spots in the interior.


Step 9: Remove the Excess

Pour out any excess paint once the ball looks the way you want it to look.

Step 10: Rotate and Coat

Set it back into the egg carton with the opening facing up. Continue to rotate it every few hours to ensure the paint coat is even.


Step 11: Pour Out the Excess

Pour out any excess paint that collects in the bottom. At this point, there rarely is any paint left.

Step 12: Finish Your Christmas Balls With Paint Inside

Wait three or four days for the paint to dry thoroughly before replacing the cap and hanger on your painted Christmas ornaments Add a ribbon or metal Christmas ornament hook to hang it. Place the glass ball on your Christmas tree or hang it anywhere you desire in your home.


Add a bow, decorative pick, miniature pine cones or other embellishments to the painted Christmas ornaments with a hot glue gun, if you desire.

You can stuff raffia, tinsel, thin beaded garlands or other embellishments into the glass ball with the end of a pencil. Replace the hanger and cap and hang it up.