How to Make a Wire Wreath Frame

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Things You'll Need

  • 3 wire hangers

  • Wire cutters

  • Pliers

Use a wire frame as a starting point in making a Christmas wreath.

Known today primarily as a Christmas decoration, wreaths have a rich and varied history dating as far back as the ancient Persian Empire. In the early Greek Olympics, as early as 776 B.C., wreaths constructed from laurel leaves were awarded to winners of various competitions and placed on their heads in victory ceremonies. Modern wreaths are usually hung on walls. Wire wreath frames serve as the basis for making all kinds of wreaths. You can make your own wire wreath frame as an alternative to buying one at a craft store.


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Step 1

Cut the hook ends off three wire hangers with wire cutters. Straighten all three wire hangers.

Step 2

Form the first wire hanger into a circle by bending it around. Secure the circle by hooking the two ends together, using the pliers to twist the wire.

Step 3

Form the second wire hanger into a circle by bending it around. This circle should be 2 inches smaller than the first one. Secure the circle by hooking the ends together by the same method you used for the first hanger.


Step 4

Cut the third hanger into 4-inch pieces using the wire cutters. These will be used to connect the wire-hanger circles.

Step 5

Place the two wire-hanger circles on a flat surface such as a table or counter top. Place the smaller wire-hanger circle inside the larger one.

Step 6

Hook the ends of one of the 4-inch pieces of wire around each of the wire-hanger circles, using the pliers to twist them tightly. This will connect the two wire-hanger circles.


Step 7

Repeat the process with the remaining 4-inch pieces of wire. Secure the pieces at intervals along the circle. Your wire wreath frame is now complete.


Attach evergreen boughs or other materials as desired to your wire wreath frame.