How to Make Uma Thurman's "Kill Bill" Costume

In Quentin Taratino's popular film, "Kill Bill," Uma Thurman plays the Bride. The Bride is a character with a vendetta and slick ninja moves. Her strong female lead character is a popular choice for a Halloween costume. While you can easily order a yellow bride jumpsuit costume online, it is also easy and much cheaper to put together your own costume. With a trip to the store, you can have an outfit much like the one Thurman wears in "Kill Bill."

Step 1

The Bride character in "Kill Bill" is famous for flaunting a tight fitting yellow jump suit. Peruse a department store for a yellow two piece jump suit. If you're having trouble finding a matching set, look for a yellow pair of work out pants or pajama pants. Top it off with a zip-up yellow work out top or hoodless sweatshirt.

Step 2

Add details to the jumpsuit to make it more authentic. Using iron-on strips, a fabric marker or fabric paints, add a black stripe to the side of the pant legs, the arm sleeves and the zipper on the front of the top. To jazz it up a little more, add a belt, preferably yellow or black, at the waist.

Step 3

Finish the costume with some accessories. Wear a blond wig to make your Bride look more convincing. To complete the look, find a fake sword to carry with you.