How to Make a Boys' Cheetah Costume

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The cheetah is the world's fastest land mammal and can be found in parts of Africa and the Middle East. The big cat is yellow with distinctive black spot markings, which cover most of the body. It's easy to make a cheetah costume as a unique variation of the fancy-dress cat costume.


Make a cheetah costume at home.

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Things You'll Need

  • Yellow Long-Sleeved Pajama Top

  • Pencil

  • Black Face Paint

  • Scissors

  • Yellow Card

  • Glue

  • Yellow Pajama Bottoms

  • Black Plastic Headband

  • Black Shoes

  • Yellow Face Paint

  • Black Fabric Pen

Step 1

Using the black fabric pen, draw dots all over the yellow pajama top. Make some dots, circles and ovals, so they do not all look exactly the same. The dots should have a diameter of roughly 1 inch and should be 1 to 2 inches apart.


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Step 2

Repeat Step 1 on the pajama bottoms.

Step 3

Draw a circle 5 inches in diameter on the yellow card and cut it out. Fold the circle in two, then cut it in half.

Step 4

Take one of the semicircles of card and draw a straight line half an inch from the straight edge. Fold firmly along this line, so the semicircle can use this half-inch as a base to stand up. Place glue along the top side of this base, then stick the glued edge to the underside of the plastic headband. Position it a couple of inches from the center of the headband, where the cheetah's left ear should be. Repeat with the other semicircle of card and stick it where the right ear should be.


Step 5

Paint the boy's face with the yellow face paint. Draw a black trianglular, cat-style nose with the black face paint. Draw three black whiskers on each cheek.

Step 6

Dress the boy in the spotty pajamas and cheetah's ears headband. Let him wear a pair of black shoes of his choice.


If you don't have yellow pajamas, a long-sleeve yellow T-shirt and jogging bottoms will do. Alternatively, you could dye some white pajamas yellow.


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