How to Make a Memory Wire Cuff Bracelet

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Things You'll Need

  • Memory wire

  • Round-nose pliers

  • Beads

  • Multi-strand spacer beads

Memory wire cuff bracelets hold their shape well and stand out.

A large and bold cuff bracelet is the perfect accessory to turn a commonplace outfit into one that stands out in the crowd. You can use memory wire, which is simply hardened wire that holds its shape, to create a cuff bracelet that always snaps back into a circular shape. All you need to create a unique piece that looks exactly the way you want, is a pair of pliers and very simple wireworking skills.


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Step 1

Design your bracelet and purchase the necessary materials. In order to make a thick cuff bracelet, you need multi-strand spacers, which are long and thin beads with as many as five holes that you can thread many strands through. These multi-strand spacers help to keep all the strands in your cuff bracelet together in an orderly bundle. You also need several loops of memory wire and the beads that you want to add onto your bracelet.


Step 2

Cut your lengths of memory wire with cutting pliers, adding about 1/2-inch to your final desired length. Wear goggles while cutting the wire; memory wire is very difficult to cut and shards of metal can fly when it finally snaps.

Step 3

Grasp the end of your memory wire with round-nose pliers and twist the pliers around to create a small loop at the end of your memory wire. This loop should secure your beads onto the wire so they cannot fall off. You can purchase end-beads to glue onto the memory wire to perform the same function, but these often wear out and fall off; a wire loop never will. Create loops on one end of each strand of memory wire you use for your cuff bracelet.


Step 4

String beads along all the memory wire strands of the bracelet simultaneously, so you know what the design looks like. Add spacers frequently enough that the strands does not come apart and the bracelet stays together as if it were one large piece.

Step 5

Complete the bracelet by creating wire loops on the ends of all of the memory wire strands, as described above.