How to Make Indian Beaded Bracelets

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Things You'll Need

  • Seed beads

  • graph paper or design pattern

  • beading thread

  • needle

  • clasp

Native American bracelets

Native American beaded bracelets are usually done in what is called a "peyote" stitch. This stitch can be done free-form or off loom, and with practice, can be accomplished easily. By following the simple directions below, you can make your own Indian beaded bracelet.


Step 1

Design your bracelet carefully

Design your bracelet. Native American symbols usually represented in the bracelets have various meanings. The mostly geometric designs can be easily created. Colors are also an important part and should be considered carefully when creating your design. Using a piece of graph paper, plot out your design where each square is a bead. This will tell you how many beads you need as well as how wide your bracelet will be. Adjust as needed.


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Step 2

Start with an even number of beads

Begin to string your bracelet. Place an even number of beads on your thread. This will make up your first 2 rows of beading.


Step 3

By skipping every other bead, you begin to make rows.

Place 1 bead on the end of the string. Pass the needle and thread through the second from the last bead at the end of the first string of beads. Pick up another bead, skip one bead and pass your needle and thread through the next (fourth) bead. Continue to the end of the row. End the row by passing the needle through the first original bead you placed on the string.


Step 4

Begin row 4 by picking up a bead and passing your needle and thread through the last bead that you added on row 3. Continue through to the end. Continue in this fashion, following your design pattern, until all the rows are complete.

Step 5

Attach the clasp by passing the needle and thread through the connectors on either half of the clasp and knotting off.



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