How to Make a Twisted Bead Strand Necklace

Things You'll Need

  • Beads

  • Stringing material

  • Clasp

  • Crimp beads

  • Bead tips

  • Jump rings

  • Crimping pliers

Twisted necklaces are making a fashion comeback.

While little can top the elegance of a classic strand of pearls or gemstones, a necklace of gently twisted pearl strands can add the perfect accent to an evening outfit. If you need a complement for one of your more casual summer dresses, twist together a combination of glass and seed beads. The versatility of twisted necklaces and the variety of designs and materials you can use are the chief attractions of this style.

Making the Necklace

Step 1

Design your necklace, choosing materials and colors that complement the outfit(s) that you want to wear your twisted necklace with. Do not use a multistrand clasp; these are generally used for non-twisted necklaces, and make it easier to untwist your strands once the necklace is complete.

Step 2

Slide a bead tip and then a crimp bead onto the end of one of your strands. Use your crimping pliers to secure the crimp bead around the wire. Close the bead tip around the crimp bead. This completes only one strand; you will have to attach a bead tip to each strand in your multistrand necklace.

Step 3

Open up a jump ring with your chain-nose pliers and thread the opened ring through all of the bead tip loops to join them together. Do not close the ring.

Step 4

Slip one side of a clasp onto your open jump ring and then close the ring with your pliers.

Step 5

String all of the beads onto each of your strands as dictated by your design. Do not be afraid to change your plans; designs often evolve as you work with them.

Step 6

Repeat the process for threading each strand through a bead tip and securing it with a crimp bead. Finish your necklace by bringing your strands together on the other side and attaching the second half of the clasp in the same manner as the first. Do not twist the strands together now; they will just come undone whenever you unclasp the necklace. You will have to use a different twisting method.

Twisting the Strands

Step 1

Lay out your necklace completely flat, and hold on to the left end with your left hand. Keep your hand in place.

Step 2

Use your right hand to pick up the right end of the necklace and pass the entire necklace (all of the strands) through the gap between the first and second strands of your necklace. Then pull your right hand back so that your necklace is lying flat. You have now made one twist and involved one strand.

Step 3

Pick up the right side of your necklace again and now pass it through the gap between the second and third strands of your necklace. You can repeat this step as many times as you need to in order to cover all the strands in your necklace.

Step 4

Once you have gone through the gap between each strand once, start over and repeat the previous step until the necklace is twisted to your satisfaction. Unlike a simple twisted necklace, these twists will never come out and you will not have to adjust the twisting every time you adjust the clasp.

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