How to Make Your Own Latex Elf Ears

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic wrap

  • Scissors

  • Nose putty

  • Baby oil

  • Tissue

  • Liquid latex

  • Makeup sponge

  • Baby powder

  • Powder puff

Elf ears are popular at Halloween and Christmas.

No elf costume would be complete without those distinctive pointy ears. If you walk into any costume shop, you can buy latex elf ear tips, but these are generic and are often don't look real. However, with supplies from that same costume shop, you can create custom elf ears that are designed specifically for the person wearing them. They are easy to make and look much more real than something out of a package.

Step 1

Cut a hole in plastic.

Cut a hole in a piece of plastic wrap the size of a quarter.

Step 2

Put plastic over ear.

Put the plastic wrap on the side of your model's head, pulling her ear through the hole. The plastic wrap will protect her hair.

Step 3

Use nose putty.

Sculpt an ear tip onto her ear with nose putty. You don't need any tools; just use your fingers. Coat your fingers with a little baby oil to keep the putty from sticking. Try to follow the curves of her own ear to make the tip look like it is part of the ear and not just stuck on top.

Smooth the putty's edges into her skin with more baby oil and buff out any noticeable imperfections. Be sure to smooth the putty on the back of her ear as well as the front.

Step 4

Remove excess oil.

Gently blot the tip with a tissue to remove excess oil.

Step 5

Put liquid latex onto sponge.

Dab liquid latex onto the ear tip with a makeup sponge, extending it onto the front and back of the model's actual ear. Allow the latex to dry, then add another layer. You want six to eight layers total, each one stopping a little higher than the previous so that the edge stays thin.

Step 6

Use baby powder.

Powder the latex with baby powder to prevent it from sticking to itself.

Step 7

Peel off ear tip.

Carefully peel off the latex ear tip, powdering the inside as you go.

Step 8

Remove putty from inside.

Remove the putty from the inside of the latex ear tip.

Step 9

Make the second ear.

Repeat the entire process for the other ear. If you feel comfortable, you can do both ears at once to save time.


Glue the latex elf ears back on with more liquid latex or spirit gum. If there are noticeable edges, dab a bit of liquid latex over them.

Since the nose putty will only be on your model's ears for a short time, there is no need to glue it in place.