How to Make a Christmas Tree Picture With Old Jewelry & Lights

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Things You'll Need

  • 8-by-10-inch piece of foam core

  • 10-by-12-inch piece of black, red or green velvet fabric

  • Screwdriver

  • Staple gun and staples

  • Straight pins

  • Earrings, brooches and strand of pearls, rhinestones or beads

  • Craft adhesive

  • Battery-operated strand of 20 extra-small LED lights

  • Frame (optional)

You may be surprised how simple it is to give new life to the old jewelry odds and ends you have lying around the house. A picture of a Christmas tree made out of earrings, brooches, beads, rhinestones -- you name it -- adds an attractive touch to your holiday home decor or you can give it as a gift. You can even add some extra sparkle to your creation using a small strand of lights.


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Step 1

Poke about 20 small holes through the foam core with the tip of a small screwdriver or other pointed object.

Step 2

Insert one LED light into each hole through the back of the foam core. Do not push the bulb in so far that the tip sticks out of the front. Secure any excess hanging cord to the foam core with straight pins or staples.


Step 3

Stretch the velvet fabric over the foam core, wrapping the sides to the back. Secure the velvet on the back with staples. Alternatively, insert straight pins through the velvet at a sharp angle, to prevent the pin poking through the other side of the foam core.


Step 4

Create an outline for your Christmas tree using rhinestones, beads or pearls. Glue each piece to the velvet with the craft adhesive.

Step 5

Fill in the outline with your costume jewelry pieces. Glue each piece to the velvet. Place a shiny brooch or earring atop the tree. Let set for an hour so glue can completely dry.


Step 6

Insert the picture into a frame, if desired. Turn on the strand of lights. Hide the battery pack behind the picture or the frame stand.


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