How to Word Lifetime Achievement Awards

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A lifetime achievement award is often received for dedication to a worthy cause.

A lifetime achievement award is given to recipients who have dedicated their lives to a worthy cause, or somehow made an impact in society or in the lives of others. Because of its significance, a lifetime achievement award may be signed by the board chair, board members and president of an organization. The award often includes the organization's logo and may be printed on custom certificate paper. As you word the lifetime achievement award, consider why the recipient is receiving the award.


Step 1

Include the name of the organization, department and/or membership that is awarding the recipient.

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Step 2

Add "present" or "presents the" on a separate line.

Step 3

Include the exact name of the lifetime achievement award, such as "Breast Cancer Research Lifetime Achievement Award."


Step 4

Add "to" on a separate line.

Step 5

Include the recipient's name on a separate line.

Step 6

Insert a short sentence that states why the award was awarded on a separate line.


Step 7

Add the place and time the certificate was issued on a separate line.

Step 8

Insert signature lines and the names of staff/members signing the document at the bottom of the certificate.



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