How to Make a Beaded Seat Cover

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Things You'll Need

  • Wood beads

  • Nylon cord

  • Elastic trim

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

You can use any wooden bead of your choice for your bead cushion.

Beaded seat covers can be as decorative as you like depending on the style and choice of bead. Mixing colors or changing the numbers of beads on each line will create different cushion sizes and styles. Beaded seat covers are great for warm summers because they help to keep the user cool by creating a barrier between you and the hot seat. A beaded seat cover also helps to extend the life of automobile upholstery by protecting it from wear and tear.


Step 1

Cut 20 inches of cord and knot the end. Add 15 wooden beads and knot the other end. Do this 31 more times.

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Step 2

Cut 4 feet of cord and knot one end of it. Lay two rows of 15 beads horizontally. Proceed to string the cord through the first bead on the first line. String the cord through the first bead of the second line. String the cord through the second bead of the second line. String it through the second bead on the first line. String the cord through the third bead on the first line. String the cord through the third bead of the second line. Repeat this until all beaded cords have been linked together.

Step 3

Add a new row and continue the threading pattern until all 31 lines have been added.

Step 4

Measure the chair for the elastic for both the seat back and the seat bottom. This should lay flat without stretching. Cut the elastic and knot at one end. Thread it through beads at one side, at the end of the cushion. Thread the other end, creating a circle, and knot. Repeat this on the opposite side of the cushion.


Using nylon cord that is UV resistant is recommended if the cover is in direct sunlight on a regular basis. Using clear nail polish on the knots will help secure them.


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