How to Raise a Mattress to Make a Bed Look Higher

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Making a bed higher can be achieved in a variety of ways like placing the bed on risers. But when all you want is for the bed to simply appear higher, you can raise the mattress instead of physically having to raise the entire bed. The most common way to raise a mattress is just to raise the head of the mattress, which has proven health benefits. Inserting a wedge under the head of your mattress will achieve this and once bedding is added, you will have completed the desired effect of making your bed look higher.


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Things You'll Need

  • Wedge For Mattress

  • Bedding

Step 1

Purchase a wedge that will raise the height of the mattress. Search for and find the type of wedge that best suits the way in which you would like to raise the head of your mattress. Most mattress wedges are made so that you can put the head of the mattress back down to its actual level when you go to sleep. An example of a mattress wedge that does this is the Mattress Genie, which is an adjustable mattress wedge powered by a remote that allows you not only to raise the head of your mattress but to any degree, not just one preset level. You can purchase a mattress wedge in stores or online.


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Step 2

Assemble the wedge -- this may not be necessary with some models -- using the instructions provided with the wedge purchased. You can buy a wedge for your mattress that is already shaped and is a certain size. These wedges are simply added under the mattress to create the incline that you wanted. Wedges that require assembly have to be adjusted or inflated to the desired height. Whatever type you purchase, make sure it is put under your mattress properly and securely.


Step 3

Remove the wedge and add bedding. Make the bed as you normally would; this is probably easier to do without having the wedge already in place. Once you've made up the bed, insert the wedge. When the wedge is properly put in place, you should only be able to view it from the side of the bed and not when looking at it from other angles. Your mattress will be raised and your bed will have a higher appearance.



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