How to Build an Outdoor Christmas Tree With a Chicken Wire Cone

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Things You'll Need

  • Wire cutters

  • Wire

  • Spray paint

  • Christmas lights

  • Christmas tree ornaments

  • Evergreen boughs

  • Ribbon bows

  • Flocking

  • Stakes

A Christmas tree is the best-known hallmark of Christmas decorating. While many people enjoy having a tree each year, using creative alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree keeps your decor fresh and interesting from one holiday season to the next. An outdoor Christmas tree made with chicken wire is an inexpensive decorating project that doesn't take much time and can be tailored to your own particular tastes using your creativity. Make one or several in different sizes and themes.


Step 1

Cut out a large triangle of chicken wire with wire cutters. The height of the triangle should be the height you want your Christmas tree. Make the triangle wider or narrower based on your desired circumference for the tree. Rather than cutting the bottom edge straight across, cut a downward curve so the sides of the triangle will come together properly when rolled into a cone.

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Step 2

Roll the chicken wire into a cone, overlapping the edges a bit. Use the cut edge of the chicken wire to twist onto the opposite edge to secure it. Twist additional pieces of wire onto the seam, if necessary.


Step 3

Decorate your chicken wire Christmas tree. Spray paint it gold, white, silver, red or green. Wrap it with Christmas lights and hang ornaments directly on the chicken wire for an unusual or modern approach. For a more traditional-looking tree, use heavy wire to secure evergreen boughs to the wire frame. Add bows, flocking and other decorations as desired.


If you have used tree limbs to decorate your chicken wire tree, it may be heavy and should be secured to the ground with stakes.