How to Build an Outdoor Christmas Tree With a Chicken Wire Cone

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DIY Christmas decorations save money and add a personal touch to your seasonal decorating. A favorite choice is an outdoor wire Christmas tree, which doesn't require a lot of supplies or time. You can build and set it up inside or outside.

Check out this DIY Christmas decor made with a roll of chicken wire and make this holiday season shine!


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Things You'll Need

  • Wire cutters

  • 24-inch chicken wire

  • Zip ties

  • Straight-edge, such as a yardstick or piece of wood

  • Decorative elements (greenery, ribbon, ornaments, etc.)

A chicken wire Christmas tree

It's easy to construct and this 30-inch-tall wire Christmas tree. You'll need a pair of wire cutters, 24 inches of new chicken wire, and a large container of zip ties to get started. Roll out the chicken wire, and cut a 60-inch-long piece, keeping the edge as straight as possible. Take a 2-foot piece of wood, yardstick or something else with a straight edge and lay it diagonally along one of the short ends. Then, fold the wire up against it to make a mark.



Use sturdy work gloves to protect your hands from getting cut or scratched.

Use that edge to start rolling the piece of chicken wire diagonally, creating a pointed top and a broad base. When finished rolling, the wire should form a cone shape. Attach the seamed side with zip ties and trim off the edges. Fold in the extra wire on the bottom, putting the excess wire up inside the cone. Crimp the bottom edges to create a stable base. Continue trimming pointy wire ends with wire cutters or snips. Make the decoration more secure with additional zip ties.


Decorating a chicken wire Christmas tree

Here's to a festive, happy holidays right outside your front door! Decorate your outdoor cone Christmas tree by attaching pine tree branches and Christmas ornaments for a merry look. Green tree branches plus large red velvet bows designed for outdoor use can be a great look. String some white LED lights around the tree and enjoy a gorgeous, classic aesthetic.



Have more than one tree? Make a visual impact by adding different colored lights for each individual tree.

If you prefer, spray paint the entire tree green. Then, when the decoration dries, you can decorate it with lights. If the wire is not damaged or rusted after xmas, you can store it for the next holiday season.

Chicken wire Christmas decorations

There are other ways to use chicken wire for Christmas decorations besides a cone tree. For example, you can craft a clever ‌Christmas card holder‌ made with an old frame. Look for a large rustic or Christmas themed picture frame; distressed wood will look especially lovely. Measure the back and cut a piece of chicken wire to fit. Then, attach the wire with a staple gun, pulling it taut. Trim the edges and attach a small wreath or other decoration with zip ties or ribbons. Then, connect the cards with paper clips or punch holes in them and hang them with ribbons.




Chicken wire is a versatile material that can be molded into numerous shapes, lending itself to a wide variety of decorative projects.

You can also make elegant ‌Christmas tree balls‌ out of chicken wire. Carefully mold a small piece of chicken wire into a ball, and string lights throughout. Make two or three of these, and use zip ties to attach them to some greenery. These look nice on top of tables or in empty fireplaces.


Another lovely wire Christmas tree craft is a ‌holiday centerpiece using a mason jar candle holder‌. Measure out how much chicken wire you'll need to surround the candle holder. Snip off excess with wire cutters. Keeping the smooth edge on the top, roll up the candle holder. Connect the end pieces with needle nose pliers and clip the edges. Paint the wire with a festive color like silver or bronze. Attach it to the candle holder (if you can't crimp the wire together, try clear glue), and decorate with some greenery. This provides a simple, but eye-catching piece of holiday decor.

Now, relax and enjoy your ho-ho-holiday home decor!



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