How to Refresh Pine Wreaths

A simple wreath sets the holiday mood like no other decoration.
A simple wreath sets the holiday mood like no other decoration. (Image: window wreath image by Jorge Moro from

Pine wreaths are a beautiful way to celebrate the holidays with a touch of nature. Unfortunately, wreaths are less beautiful when the pine boughs inevitably begin to wilt, dry out, and turn brown. The best way to keep a wreath fresh is preventing it from drying out in the first place by keeping it in a cool, moist location away from direct sunlight. In a pinch, you can follow a few steps to revive your holiday wreath.

Things You'll Need

  • Large heavy-duty garbage bag
  • Wilt-Pruf or hairspray

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Find a workspace that's cool, but not freezing, where you won't mind a bit of water spillage. A garage is a perfect place to conduct this project.

Place your wreath inside a large, heavy-duty garbage bag.

Fill the bottom of the bag with cool water.

Close the bag tightly.

Allow the wreath to absorb the water in the bag for at least 12 hours. Once re-hydrated it will perk up and look healthy once more.

Spray your wreath with Wilt-Pruf, which can be found in gardening stores, to keep your wreath from wilting. If you can't find this spray regular hairspray will do.


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