How to Create Custom Paper Plates

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Ramp up the celebration with custom paper plates!

You're throwing a retirement party, company picnic or wedding reception and you want everything festive. You think personalized plates would add to the ambiance, but a crayon on a paper plate just won't cut it. Many websites will take your custom message, logo or photo and have a stack of plates with your design delivered to your door. Order professionally printed paper plates to bring an air of sophistication to your event and serve your guests in style.


Creating Custom Paper Plates

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Step 1

Make a sketch or mock-up of the paper plate you would like to have printed. If you are creating plates for a wedding, write out the new couple's names and the date in an elegant font. If you are making plates for a company party, scan your company's logo and save it as a .jpg or .gif. A photo plate will be perfect for an anniversary party, retirement party or birthday.

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Step 2

Browse internet sites to get an idea of the kinds of products and quantities available. You will find many sites offering printed plates; for example, visit, and Examine the color and size options and if you can upload a photo or logo. Choose a manufacturer in your price range that can print and deliver the plates in time for your event.


Step 3

Find the size and color plate you want. If you plan on using a dark font, you will need a lighter colored plate. Check to be sure the plate you pick is available in the quantity you require.

Step 4

Use the website's form to input your design. If you are typing a message or names on the plate, choose a font that is legible and the writing is centered or broken into lines just as you would like it. If you are using a team or company logo, upload the file to the site in the format requested, which is generally .jpg or .gif. To upload a photo, use the same process, but ensure ahead of time your photo is cropped and sized to your liking.


Step 5

Input the quantity of plates you will require—ordering more will be less expensive per plate. Preview your order once more before confirming it. Write down or print out the number given by the manufacturer's website at this point. The order number and confirmation code will be necessary if the shipment is delayed or there is an error in printing.


Order matching napkins, confetti or utensils at the same time to coordinate designs and save on shipping.

Make sure to proofread your typing before ordering.



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