How to Create a Map for a School Project

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Things You'll Need

  • Craft paper

  • Colored pencils

  • Scissors

  • Tea

  • Cup

  • Washcloth

  • Match

  • Tissue paper

Kids can make a crafty map while learning about history.

If you are teaching children about history, you can make the lessons more exciting by giving your students a craft project to complete that is related to the curriculum. For example, you can instruct your students to make a medieval map showing different villages, landmarks, and roads. Your students can soil and singe the maps to make them look as though they are very old and weathered, just like a real medieval map would look like.


Step 1

Cut out a rectangular shape from craft paper to the size that you want your map to be. Round the edges or make them choppy so that the map appears weathered.

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Step 2

Draw a few dots on the map, and label the dots with the names of medieval villages or towns.

Step 3

Draw lines connecting the dots to symbolize roads or paths to connect the medieval villages.

Step 4

Draw landmarks onto the map, such as mountains, bodies of water, forests, and houses. Use specific landmarks that are, or were, near the medieval villages.


Step 5

Crumple up the map repeatedly to weather it, making it seem like it's been used heavily.

Step 6

Place a tea bag into a cup, and fill the cup with water. Let the tea bag sit in the water for a few minutes.


Step 7

Dip a washcloth into the tea, then rub the tea over the surface of the map. This will stain the map, artificially aging it for an authentic look. Allow the map to dry.

Step 8

Light a match, and carefully singe the edges of the map. Blow out any flames, and allow the edges to cool completely.

Step 9

Rub a piece of tissue around the edges using small circular motions, which will give them an antique look like a real medieval map.


Be careful with the match flame around children. Make sure you blow it out completely and dispose of it properly.


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