How to Make Free Printable Drink Tickets

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Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Internet

  • Microsoft Office

  • Printer

Free drinks can be a great way to advertise your event.

You're hosting a party or an event and there's going to be drinks. The best part is there are going to be drinks that are free. Giving away free drinks can be a great way to advertise an event and to lure in the guests. If you can't give away the actual drink tickets to all your attendees, then simply make them printable. This way, your guests can conveniently print them out before your event.


Designing your ticket

Step 1

Open Microsoft Word on your computer.

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Step 2

Click on "Insert" on the upper bar of Microsoft Word. Scroll down to "picture" and choose from "clip art" or "from file." Use one of the clip art images in Microsoft Word or use your own image.

Step 3

Adjust the size of the image in proportion to the desired size of your drink ticket.

Step 4

Type in the appropriate information for your event, such as date, time, place and the person or company responsible for hosting the event. Include a website for the place or an address, so guests can easily find their way. Include whether this ticket is good for one free drink or for all night.

Step 5

Email the drink ticket as a word document for your guest to print out.


Convert your word document into a pdf file. That way the tickets won't be editable. There are free online websites that will convert your word document into a pdf file (see Resources).


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