How to Hang Outdoor Christmas Lights on Fascia Board

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Use plastic hangers to help you decorate your home for Christmas.

Christmas lights typically enhance the appearance of a home. However, hanging the lights can also inflict permanent damage to your home if you aren't careful, which is why some homeowners are reluctant to dress up their homes for the holidays. Fascia board, pieces of trim located at your house eve, can become obstacles in the decorating process. Using nails or staples to hang your lights on the fascia is not only difficult, but can destroy the board. Fortunately, a simple gadget can make the job much easier and will allow you to add safely decorate your house with Christmas lights.


Step 1

Purchase U-shaped plastic hangers made to hold and attach Christmas lights to your home and fascia. Fascia is a board perched at the eaves of your house that goes around the perimeter of your home. The fascia board is typically the location in which rain gutters are placed. Such plastic hooks are often found in hardware stores or online.

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Step 2

Push one end of the hanger underneath the fascia board or at the junction where the board and your home meet. Plan to use one hook every 12 to 24 inches. Therefore, if you have 25 feet of lights, you should use 18 to 24 hooks.

Step 3

Place the Christmas light wire in the center of the hanger. Depending on the type of hanger, there may be a groove located in the center in which to place the wire. Wrap the other end of the hanger over the front of the board. You can either insert all of the hooks into the fascia board and then go back and drape the lights or place the lights in the hooks each time you insert them into the fascia.


Most hooks are designed to be removed when you take down the lights. Most are simply unscrewed out of the fascia board. Always practice safety when you use a ladder to hang your lights. Enlist a helper to hold the ladder in place and never stand on the top rung.

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