How to Mix Clear and Colored Lights on a Christmas Tree

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Mixed lighting can give your Christmas tree a warm glow.

Decorating Christmas trees is a centuries old tradition that dates back to Germany during the 16th century. Lights on the tree can create a warm glow and accentuate the beauty of the ornaments on the tree. While some people opt for either white or colored lights, you can create your own look by using a combination of both types of lights. The white lights can set the backdrop for the tree, while the colored lights can add a lively accent.


Step 1

Plug in the first strand of white lights and begin winding it around the tree, starting at the bottom of the tree. Position the lights toward the trunk of the tree. Try to string lights over and under all of the major branches.

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Step 2

Continue stringing white lights around the tree until you reach the top. Keep all of the white lights toward the trunk of the tree.

Step 3

Plug in the first strand of colored lights and begin stringing it from the bottom of the tree. Place the colored lights more toward the edges of the branches.

Step 4

Continue to string colored lights until you reach the top of the tree. Position the colored lights more sparsely so that you use only about half as many colored lights as white lights.

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