How to Print Half Fold Cards

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Things You'll Need

  • Card stock

  • Blank copy paper

A half-fold greeting card can send any message you have on your mind.

Greeting cards are a great way to show your feelings, celebrate an event or holiday or say something personal to a friend or loved one. Printing your own half-fold greeting cards can allow you to prepare customized and unique cards at home. You can create a greeting card for any occasion on your home PC and then print the card. By following these few easy steps, you can print a half- fold greeting card.


Step 1

Take a sheet of blank copy paper and draw an arrow in the upper left-hand corner pointing toward the top of paper. Feed the paper into the printer with the arrow facing upward so it is visible and the arrow pointing toward the printer.

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Step 2

Open a word processing program on the computer and type a few words into the document. Print the document. From the direction of the arrow in correlation to the printed text, you can determine how the printer feeds in the paper.


Step 3

Design or download a half-fold greeting card on the computer. Half-fold greeting cards consist of printed material on the front half of a piece of paper and printed material on the back half of the paper. When the card is printed and then folded, the result will be a greeting card with a front and interior design.


Step 4

Insert a blank piece of card stock paper into the printer and print the first page of the greeting card. This will print the outside or front of the card.

Step 5

Look at the printed test page to determine how to insert the greeting card to print the interior design. The directionality of the drawn arrow in regard to the printed text will determine how to reinsert the greeting-card paper into the printer. If the printed text and drawn arrow overlap each other in the upper left corner of the test page, insert the greeting-card paper into the printer with the printed side facing down and into the printer. If the printed text and drawn arrow are on opposing sides of the test page, insert the greeting card into the printer with the printed page facing upward and into the printer.


Step 6

Print Page 2 of the greeting card design to complete the card printing.

Step 7

Allow the ink to dry and fold the paper in half, with the front design facing forward, to complete your greeting card.



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