How to Get Wrinkles Out of Microfiber Curtains

Things You'll Need

  • Handheld fabric steamer

  • Spray bottle

Microfiber is a man-made material consisting of extremely thin strands. The interlocking strands generally repel liquids and resist wrinkles very well, which is why many couches, tablecloths, linens and curtains are made of this material. While microfiber is a superior fabric, it's not indestructible or impossible to ruin. For example, trying to iron microfiber curtains with a traditional iron can ruin the fabric, flatten the fibers and create an odd, shiny appearance. However, there are safe ways for you to remove wrinkles from microfiber.

Step 1

Fill a handheld steamer with water and plug it in. Set it to medium heat for average wrinkles and high heat for deep wrinkles.

Step 2

Pull one curtain across the curtain rod to display the entire surface area of that curtain.

Step 3

Run the handheld steamer up and down or side to side around each individual wrinkle. Move the handheld steamer slowly across the microfiber if the wrinkles are stubbornly clinging.

Step 4

Spray stubborn, deep wrinkles with water to loosen them, then hold the steamer over the damp spots to get the wrinkles out quickly. Repeat this entire process with the other curtain and let both both air dry naturally.