How to Sew a Free Santa Suit

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How to Sew a Free Santa Suit
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Things You'll Need

  • Red fabric, 4 yards long, 45 inches wide

  • White fabric, 1 yard

  • Measuring tape

  • Scissors

  • Sewing Machine

  • Thread

  • Pins

  • Iron

  • Ironing board

  • 2 yards of bias tape or thin rope

  • Scrap of black fabric

  • Cotton balls

  • Belt

  • Black boots

  • Pillows

Whether your family focuses on the religious aspects of the holiday season or thinks of Christmas as a time to celebrate each other, or both, no Yuletide is complete without a visit from Santa Claus. Santa just isn't Santa without the requisite red coat, pants and hat that comprise his proper Santa suit. If you have at least four yards of red fabric, black boots and a couple of spare pillows in the house, you can make your own Santa Claus suit.


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Step 1: Make the Coat for Your Santa Suit

To make the Santa suit coat, cut a piece of red fabric 30 inches by 60 inches for the body. Fold in half lengthwise and sew the sides, leaving 12 inches free at the top near the fold. Stitch. Cut two pieces 25 inches wide by 24 inches long for the sleeves. Fold and stitch together the 25-inch sides. Fold over 1/4 inch on one end of the tube and press with the iron, then fold over another 1/4 inch and press with the iron again. Sew. Pin the other end of the tube to the opening in the body of the coat. Stitch. Repeat for other sleeve.


Step 2: Sew Some Pants for Santa

To sew the Santa suit pants, cut the remaining fabric into two pieces 48 inches long and 45 inches wide. Keep the fabric folded so it is 22 1/2 inches wide and sew the inseam 30 inches on both pieces. Fold over the stitched bottom of the tube 1/4 inch and iron twice as you did for the sleeve ends. Repeat with other leg. Sew the two pieces together in a V-shaped seam. Fold over 1/4 inch around the top of the pants and iron. Fold over 1 1/2 inches to make a "sleeve" for the waist tie. Press and stitch. Thread the bias tape or thin rope through the "sleeve."


Step 3: The Finishing Touches

Add the finishing touches. Cut a neck hole in the coat. Hem as above. Cut strips of white fabric five inches wide and sew together to make one long piece. Fold over 1/4 inch along each side and press with iron. Pin to the bottom of the coat and the bottom of each sleeve and sew. These are Santa's "fur cuffs." Stitch a strip of the white up the center front of the coat. If you have enough white fabric left over, stitch some around the bottom of both pants legs.


Step 4: Make Santa's Hat

Don't forget the hat. With the remaining scraps of red fabric, cut two triangles with a minimum 12 inch base and 12 inches high. Sew the sides together. Add a 2-inch strip of white fabric as above for "fur." Sew or glue a couple of cotton balls to the tip.

Step 5: Dress Santa and Give Him a Beard

Dress your Santa. If your Santa isn't naturally bearded, glue more cotton balls to some string and tie them around his head for a fake beard. Dress Santa, add a pillow for his jolly belly, then belt in place with a black belt. Add the pants and boots, and Santa is ready to meet his fans.


Be sure to machine wash and dry your fabric to prevent shrinkage.


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