How to Tie a Stretch Magic Cord

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Things You'll Need

  • Stretch Magic cord

  • Scissors

Stretch Magic cord is an elastic cording that is commonly used to make jewelry, such as necklaces or bracelets. Because Stretch Magic cord can be slippery, a simple knot may come undone after you string the cord with beads. One solution is to tie the Stretch Magic cord using a square knot, which will enable it to remain tied, preventing the beads from falling off of the jewelry item after it has been created.


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Step 1

Hold the ends of the Stretch Magic cord in your hands, one end per hand. Allow the ends to stick out of the top of your hands.


Step 2

Cross the right cord over the left cord, and switch your grasp so that you are now holding the opposite ends in the opposite hands.


Step 3

Twist the cord on the left side underneath the other cord, twisting it so that the end is once again poking upward.


Step 4

Cross the end on the left side back over the end on the right side.


Step 5

Twist the left end underneath the right end, tucking it into the hole that has been created in the process.


Step 6

Pull the two ends tightly to create a square knot. A square knot will become tighter as the ends are pulled, making it an effective knot for slippery Stretch Magic cording.