How to Plan a Graduation Ceremony

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Awarding achievement is a great reason to celebrate with a graduation ceremony.

Graduation ceremonies award people for their achievements and can be a great way to celebrate these achievements with their friends and families. Although many schools have their own graduation ceremonies, this is not the case for certain programs and homeschooling graduation ceremonies. These ceremonies can still be made special, but it is important to cover all the elements that go into a graduation ceremony.


Step 1

Think about the type of ceremony you would like to hold. A ceremony could be small and personal or large. Each of these require different details, but knowing the type of ceremony you want will help you when deciding on the rest of the itinerary for the graduation ceremony.

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Step 2

Scout locations for the ceremony and make sure you think about whether you will need extra rooms for people to change or prepare for the ceremony. At this point it will also be necessary to know the date and time of the ceremony, as this will be crucial information when it comes to renting a location.


Step 3

Schedule equipment for the graduation ceremony if needed. This could include a projector or microphones.

Step 4

Send invitations for the ceremony; these should include the date, time and location of the graduation ceremony so people can plan on attending.


Step 5

Prepare awards, diplomas, badges or whatever you plan on giving out during the graduation ceremony. At this time you can also create the program for the graduation ceremony.

Step 6

Prepare a speech or speaker for the graduation ceremony.

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