How to Create a Memory Collage

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Things You'll Need

  • Camera

  • Photographs

  • Posterboard

  • Acid-free tape

  • Picture frame

A memory collage is a great idea for celebrating any milestone or commemorating an event. When your child is finishing up a grade in school, a memory collage can be a lot of fun as well. Think ahead in life in order to create great memory collages by acquiring lots of pictures in advance. Bring out the camera at any social event, and soon you can start creating memory collages of your own.


Step 1

Gather together all the photographs you can find of the memory or theme of your collage. Of course you want these to be all the photos you have taken yourself, but be bold in asking for copies of photographs that friends take when you forget to bring your camera. Offer to pay for the extra copies.

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Step 2

Think about the sort of collage that you want to create. Knowing what kind of statement you desire to make with your collage will easily dictate its styling.

Step 3

Create a plan for photo placement. If you are creating a collage as a tribute to someone's life for a memorial service, you want to start with a large picture of the deceased. Surround it in a circle of photographs depicting various times in their life. Get creative and messy in the placement of the pictures from there if you like. You need only an outline, and then you are free to be as creative as possible.


Step 4

Try out all the photographs in different places several times before committing to a final placement plan for your collage. The key is to making as artful and beautiful a collage as possible!

Step 5

Use acid-free adhesive tape to make the photographs stick to the backing of the collage, preferably a large piece of posterboard.


Step 6

Frame your memory collage or use it as the cover to a scrapbook. Memory collages are a celebration of a great time, and happy memories will bring you comfort for the rest of your life.


Always keep a digital camera with you, so that you are always at the ready to record life's memorable events. Store your memory collage in a safe place.


Don't rush in making a memory collage. The collage won't mean very much if it is simply a thrown together collection of photographs. Take the time to make it a true treasure of memories. Make sure that you don't include photographs of bad memories in your collage for someone. Perhaps you had fun at the prom, but maybe your friend was stood up and went by herself! Think of events from the other person's perspective.
Make sure you have duplicate copies of the photographs before turning them into a collage.


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