How to Tie Leather Knots

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Leather sees regular use in craft projects ranging from jewelry making to purses and other accessories. When working with leather in a craft project, you may need to knot the leather to avoid slipping. While tying a simple knot in leather isn't a difficult process, tying the knot properly ensures that the knot doesn't slip (possibly unraveling your project entirely). Learning to tie a proper knot in your leather projects will help ensure your leather-based crafts retain durability.


Step 1

Hold the ends of the leather piece you want to tie in each hand, with the leather end firmly grasped between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

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Step 2

Cross the leather ends over one another to make an X, then fold the right end around the left end with the middle finger of your right hand. Pull the two ends together until they are about two inches in length.


Step 3

Fold the right end over the left to create another X and fold the right end under the left end to create a loop. Pull the two ends of the leather together as hard as you can, creating a slip knot. The tighter you pull, the more stable the knot becomes. When you've pulled as tight as possible, give the two ends three or four tugs to seat the pieces against one another.


Dampen your leather with a little water before you tie your knot. This helps the leather ends to slide together and bond, which makes a tighter knot. Dampening also makes the leather easier to tighten.

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