How to Throw a Party at a Club

Things You'll Need

  • Invitations

  • Cake

  • Cutlery and plates

Throwing a party at a club makes for a memorable event.

Throwing a party at a club sets a stage for a memorable event. You're guaranteed a vibrant atmosphere, lots of music and even if a lot of people from your guest list don't show up, you'll still have the lively environment of the club filled with lots of people to make up for it. They keys for having a successful birthday event at club is in the planning and communicating with the club owners ahead of time.

Step 1

Set the date for the party. Not all birthdays fall on a Friday or Saturday, so speak with the guest of honor about his preference of when to have the party.

Step 2

Write down a list of possible clubs that have atmospheres and reputations that the guest of honor likes. For example, if your guest of honor hates techno and house music, don't consider a club that has a reputation of just playing that kind of music. Likewise, if the guest of honor doesn't like crowded environments packed with people, rule out the most popular club that has a line of people waiting to get in that stretches around the block. Study your list and choose the most appropriate club.

Step 3

Call the chosen club and explain to the management that you'd like to throw a birthday party there. Consider your options. Most clubs will be able to offer you a VIP table, booth or separate room. Reserve one of those options for the date of your party.

Step 4

Talk to the management about the music and ask if it would be possible for the DJ to play some of your guest of honor's favorite songs. Some clubs will request that you speak to the DJ the night of party, while some club managers will ask the DJ themselves.

Step 5

Ask if the club can accommodate a cake. Some clubs will not allow you to bring food on their premises; some will charge you a cutting fee and other clubs serve food and might ask that you order directly from their dessert menu.

If the club doesn't mind if you bring a cake, inquire if you can leave the cake stored in their fridge the night of the event until you are ready to serve it. Ask if they supply plates and cutlery or if you have to bring your own.

Step 6

Compile a guest list. Send out electronic invites via Facebook, email or another resource, inviting guests to the party, specifying the address of the club and where your party will be located within the club, such as at a VIP table or in a VIP room. If you prefer, send out paper invitations instead. Specify if guests should bring gifts the night of the party and whether the club has a dress code.

Step 7

Provide the club manager with the names of the guests who will be coming to the party, so they can be put on the VIP list. This will enable your guests to enter the club immediately. Since you'll be bringing so much business to their club, the management should comply with this immediately.

Step 8

Ask if there is a coat room for the guest of honor to put her gifts once she receives them. The guest of honor and other party members will be dancing and socializing all night and unattended gifts could get stolen.

Step 9

Keep your cell phone on and near you the night of the party. Some guests may have trouble finding the club or could have trouble getting inside, if security is very tight that night.

Step 10

Serve the cake during the third quarter of the party, after all or most of the guests have arrived. if possible, talk to the DJ about playing a special song when you serve the cake.


Bring cutlery and plates for the cake if the club does not supply them.