21st Birthday Party Ideas for Christians

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You don't have to drink to have a good time.

Turning 21 is a milestone for every young adult. While many will go on an alcohol spree to celebrate their independence, this idea will typically be quite unappealing to Christians. For those desiring a more meaningful night that is both special and unique, consider enjoying some of the other privileges that come with turning 21.


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Night on the Town

You don't have to drink to have fun in the big city. Take a group of friends and plan a bar crawl scavenger hunt through all of the local clubs. Research the clubs in advance and find out what non-alcoholic drinks or foods the club is popular for and require that the group order and consume it at each, getting it signed off the list by the bartender. At the end of the night, have reservations at the most exclusive bar in town and meet up to discuss your adventures.


Dance Club

Being 21 means that you will no longer have to wait until under age nights at local dance clubs. Find a dance club in your area that does a type of dance you enjoy such as swing or Latin, and plan on going there with a group of friends for the night. For some added fun, dress up in the proper dance attire and bring a date so that you'll have a dance partner throughout the evening.


Casino Night

While gambling for money is frowned upon by most Christians, consider holding a casino-themed party where something other than money is used for gambling, or the money is such a small denominator it will not matter. Consider having the event catered for an added realistic feel and having normal casino games such as roulette and a poker table.


Steak Night

21 symbolizes more than the freedom to drink and gamble. It also means that you are finally and officially an adult, responsible for all of your actions and their consequences. Consider commemorating this important day with a steak night. Invite the men or women in your life who have been of great influence such as your father, grandmother or a mentor. Encourage them to create a "test" about what it means to be a man and end the night with advice from these very wise people.