How to Apply the Teeth From a Vampire Kit

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If you want to dress up as a scary vampire for Halloween, you can go to the store and get a pair of toy fangs, or you can get the ones that look more natural. Vampire fang kits make it easy for you to apply a pair of fangs that will fit onto your real teeth and stay put, while blending in as much as possible for an eerily realistic look.


Step 1

Unpack the components of the vampire fang kit. You will have the fangs themselves and two packets of that may be labeled "A" and "B," or "Base" and "Catalyst," that will form the adhesive. Open the two packets, and take out the pieces of putty, or empty the powder base into the small mixing tray that came with your kit.


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Step 2

Mix the two parts of the adhesive together. Press the two pieces of putty together between your fingers. You will know they are mixed thoroughly because the colors of the two pieces will blend together. If you have the powder base, pour the catalyst liquid into the powder, and mix it with the stirring stick that came with your kit (read the instructions for the exact amount of liquid). Work quickly, because the putty will start to harden within four or five minutes of mixing the two parts.


Step 3

Press the putty, or the powder and liquid mix, into the openings in the backs or tops of the fangs, so it fills the opening about 2/3 of the way.

Step 4

In one straight, upward motion, push the fangs onto your upper canine teeth (the pointed teeth that are two teeth away from your front teeth) until the top of the fang aligns with the top of your tooth at the gum line.


Step 5

Remove the excess putty that squeezes out behind your teeth. Wait five minutes, and don't touch your fangs while the putty hardens. Now you are ready to go scare your friends.


You can use your vampire fangs again once you have made the impressions of your canines--just press them back on later.



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