How do I Use a Kontiki Pool Cleaner?

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The Kontiki is an automatic cleaner for swimming pools that runs on the suction generated by a pool's pump system. Suction cleaners like the Kontiki run slowly over the bottom of the pool, picking up debris, and carrying it to the pool's filter system for removal. Using the Kontiki is as simple as plugging in a few hoses. The cleaner contains only one moving part.


Step 1

Lower the body of the Kontiki down into the water. Feed hose into the water until the Kontiki is settled onto the pool bottom.

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Step 2

Turn on your pool filter if it is not already on. Ensure that water is flowing to and through the skimmer of your pool.


Step 3

Plug the Kontiki's hose end into the skimmer hole. Observe the Kontiki for movement. No movement indicates no suction, and may be a sign of other pool problems such as poor filter suction.


If you have a ladder inserted into your pool, remove it while the Kontiki is running to avoid getting the cleaner tangled.

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