How to Drain a Pool With Pentair Water

Things You'll Need

  • Pentair pool draining submersible pump

  • Screws (included with the pump)

  • Screwdriver

  • Wrench

  • Hose

Pools require the occasional draining to remain clear and usable.

Draining a pool is time-consuming and inconvenient, and can also be costly. No one can swim while the water is draining, the water must be collected and disposed, not to mention the expense of refilling a pool from a city's water supply. But there are good reasons to partially or completely drain a pool. Some repairs cannot be done underwater because the tools or chemicals required for such repairs must be used in a dry environment. Pool expansions also require draining. Some natural disasters such as hurricanes or flooding can contaminate a pool with refuse and litter. Sometimes this dirt is more than the filter can handle and the pool must be drained, cleaned and refilled.

Assembling the Pump

Step 1

Insert the switch rod into the switch housing. Slide the cotter pin into place to hold the switch in the housing.

Step 2

Attach the bracket to the bottom of the switch housing with the two screws provided.

Step 3

Attach the bracket to the top of the pump. Loosen the screw above and to the left of the discharge hose. Slide the bracket in place and tighten the screw to hold the entire switch housing in place.

Step 4

Slide the float onto the switch rod. Use the rubber stopper to hold the float at the desired level. The pump will turn off when the float falls, so the lower the float is placed on the switch rod, the less water will be in the pool.

Step 5

Attach the discharge hose to the pump.

Draining the Pool

Step 1

Turn off the pool's filter.

Step 2

Locate the clean out port to the sewer system. This is a 3- to 4-inch wide pipe covered with a metal or rubber cap. It's usually located in the front yard near your home's water access. Use a wrench to loosen the cap.

Step 3

Place one end of a hose in the hole. Run the hose to the pool area and attach it to the discharge hose of the pump.

Step 4

Place the pump in the deepest part of the pool and plug the power cord into an outlet.

Step 5

Monitor the clean out port. If the water starts to back up, turn off the pump and let the water drain.


Do not leave a pool open to the sun for long. The pool's interior can be easily damaged by the sun.


Do not swim or use the pool while it is being drained. Do not use an extension cord with a submersible pump. This creates a risk of electrocution.