How to Hook Up an AquaBug Pool Cleaner

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Maintain a clean swimming pool by installing an automatic pool cleaner.

Hayward Pool Products offers a wide range of pool products for above-ground and in-ground pools, including cleaners such as the AquaBug. The AquaBug is an automatic pool cleaner designed for above-ground pools that hooks up to your filtration system. Hayward prides itself on its consumer use of their products, and makes the installation and hookup of the AquaBug easy and quick.


Step 1

Clean any debris and dirt from the skimmer basket, pump skimmer basket and filter system.

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Step 2

Connect the connector hoses by pushing the male ends to the female ends and twisting. Each end is labeled and will only fit in the opposite end. Make sure the gray lead hose is at the end; this hose connects directly to the AquaBug head.

Step 3

Submerge the AquaBug head into the water and wait for the bubbles to stop, which means all the air has escaped. While holding the head underwater, connect the lead gray hose to the head. Once connected, submerge the entire hose and head to ensure all bubbles and air are purged.

Step 4

Connect the opposite end of the hose to the skimmer. Turn the filter system on and allow the AquaBug to clean the pool.

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