How to Remove Sand From My Swimming Pool

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Things You'll Need

  • Pool pole

  • Vacuum hose

  • Vacuum head

  • Vacuum plate

  • Filter system

A pool near sand.

Proper maintenance keeps your pool running smoothly and safely. Vacuuming, cleaning and treating a pool all reduce the chances of a problem appearing. Sand is a common enemy of the swimming pool owner. Sand finds its way into your pool by blowing in, returning through your pool lines from your sand filter and by riding in on your swimmers. Sand is removed from a swimming pool using a vacuum system. Vacuuming creates a suction and takes the water out of the pool.


Step 1

Prepare the pool equipment. Gather a vacuum hose, head, plate and a pool pole. Attach the vacuum head to the pool pole. Attach the swivel end of the vacuum hose to the vacuum head. Attach the vacuum plate to the skimmer, making sure it is firmly locked in place. Turn off your pool equipment and move the dial valve on your filter to "Waste."

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Step 2

Prime the vacuum hose. Turn the pool equipment on. Take the free end of the vacuum hose over to one of your jets. Hold the open end of the hose over the jet so that water pushes into the hose. Seal off the open end of the hose with your hand and quickly move over to the skimmer. Place the open end of the hose onto the vacuum plate, creating suction.


Step 3

Check for suction and vacuum the pool. Put your hand under the vacuum head to ensure that there is suction. Move the vacuum head over the bottom of the pool, concentrating on the areas with sand. Proceed until the pool bottom is sand free.

Step 4

Reset the pool equipment to the default settings. Turn the pool equipment off. Remove the vacuum hose from the vacuum plate, then remove the plate itself. Move the dial valve handle back to the default setting or "Filter." Turn the pool equipment on.


If the water level of your pool drops below the skimmer line, add water to your pool with a water hose.

If you do not want to pass the water through your filter system, prime the hose, create a back siphon and let the water drain out into your yard.


Be careful not to spread the sand by moving the vacuum head too quickly.


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