How to Remove Excess Water from an Inground Pool

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Pool water in an inground pool should be at the halfway point on the skimmer faceplate in the pool. If the water is higher than this mark, the skimmer does not function properly. If you need to lower the water level in the pool from overfilling or a heavy rain, you can use the pool pump to remove the water and avoid renting a submersible sump pump, which takes longer to remove the excess water.


Step 1

Turn off the pool filter. Turn the multiport handle to "Waste." If you have a slide handle, lift up on the handle so it is all the way up (this is the backwash position on a slide handle).

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Step 2

Roll out the backwash hose so the water drains away from the pool. Turn on the pump and allow the pump to run until the water level is at the halfway mark on the simmer faceplate. Turn off the filter pump.

Step 3

Turn the multiport handle to "Filter" or push the slide handle down until you hear a click. Turn on the filter.

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