How to Disassemble a Kwikset Lock

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Since the 1940s, Kwikset locks have become synonymous with household door locks. Kwikset locks are designed to be easily replaced by a homeowner. By using pre-installed screws and alignment plates, Kwikset locks can be installed in a matter of minutes. Kwikset's system reduces the time it takes to install the lock as well as the likelihood of installation mistakes. If you are replacing an old Kwikset lock, it's important to know how to disassemble it so you can install the new one.


Step 1

Open the door to access both sides.

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Step 2

Remove the two screws holding the lock in place with a Phillips head screwdriver. If your lock has been installed correctly, the two screws will be on the indoor side of the lock.


Step 3

Slide the inside half of the lock away from the door. There may be a Kwikinstall mounting plate underneath the indoor half of the lock. If so, slide it away from the door as well. Slide the outside half of the lock out and away from the mounting holes in the door.

Step 4

Remove the screws holding the strike plate in place with the screwdriver. The strike place is located along the edge of the door. Slide the latch assembly out of the mounting hole in the edge of the door.


Make sure you have the key to your lock before attempting to dismantle it.

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