How to Remove a Schlage Door Handle

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Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver

  • Flat blade screwdriver

  • Small bucket or other container

Decorative door handles can add aesthetic appeal to any door. If you are one of the people that prefer traditional door knobs, however, you may want to consider replacing a door handle. If you have a Schlage door handle, you can remove it fairly quickly with only a few simple tools. If you need to remove the lock to have it re-keyed, or simply wish to change the way your door looks, follow a few easy steps to remove your door handle.


Step 1

Position yourself so that you can work with the inside part of the door handle. Identify the locations of the two Phillips-head screws that hold the inside housing in place. Look below the inside latch for the location of the handle screw. It may be hidden beneath a small cover. Gently pry the cover up with a flat-blade screwdriver to expose the screw.

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Step 2

Unscrew the two screws from the latch and one from the handle. Set the three screws aside in your container.

Step 3

Remove both sides of the door handle. Pull the inside lever out toward the inside of the door and the handle toward the outdoor side of the door. Set both pieces aside.


Step 4

Open the door and position yourself so that you can see the latch mechanism in the side of the door. Locate the two Phillips-head screws, and remove them with your screwdriver. Gently slide the latch mechanism out of the side of the door and set it aside.

Step 5

Install a new handle by reversing the above steps, or by following the manufacturer's instructions include with the new lock set.


Be careful while removing the two halves of the door handle. Tiny filings may have accumulated inside the lock over time.


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