How to Remove a Best Deadbolt

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Best Access Systems is a company that manufactures Best mechanical access components such as door latches, doorknobs and deadbolts. The Best tubular deadbolt has a 1-inch-thick stainless-steel deadbolt for added security and corrosion resistance. Best deadbolt locks are available in several different finishes, such as bright chrome, satin chrome, satin bronze, bright bronze and oxidized. Installation is self-aligning and is reversible for use on either side of a door, so removal is just as simple.


Step 1

Open the door where the Best deadbolt is installed so both sides of the lock will be easily accessible.

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Step 2

Insert the key into the lock on the interior side of the door.

Step 3

Turn the key 15 degrees clockwise. Pull the key and the lock core straight out of the lock assembly.

Step 4

Remove the cover on the side of the lock where the core was removed by pulling it straight off the lock assembly.

Step 5

Back out the long screws that were revealed after you removed the cover, using a Phillips screwdriver in a counterclockwise direction.


Step 6

Remove both halves of the lock assembly from the exterior and interior of the door.

Step 7

Remove the retaining screws from the latch plate on the edge of the door, using a Phillips screwdriver.

Step 8

Slide the latch assembly straight out of the edge of the door.


You can install the Best deadbolt lock in the reverse order that you removed it. Make sure the side of the lock where the long screws enter is placed at the interior of the door.

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