How to Use a Bissell Flip-It

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Things You'll Need

  • Cleaning solution

  • Water

  • Electrical outlet

The Flip-It is a hard floor cleaning device manufactured by Bissell. It has a reversible handle that allows for both wet and dry floor cleaning by simply reversing the direction of the machine. Thus, homeowners can easily vacuum dirt from floors as well vacuum up liquid spills without turning off the device. The Flip-It is smaller and thinner than other Bissell cleaning devices, making it a good vacuum choice for cleaning hard-to-reach floor locations, such as around toilets and pedestal sinks in bathrooms.


Step 1

Tilt the back of the Flip-It down so that the handle rests on the floor.

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Step 2

Look just behind the suction attachment and locate either a scrub brush or a pad. The scrub brush is used for hard floor surfaces such as tile, and the pad is used for softer surfaces such as vinyl and hardwood floors. You can switch the attachments by grasping the attachment with your hand and sliding it out sideways. Insert the new attachment by sliding it in from the side of the machine.


Step 3

Tilt the device upward until it is in the upright position. Grasp the water tank, located at the upper back of the machine, and pull it outward to detach it. Turn the cap on the tank counterclockwise to open the tank. Pour cleaning solution into the tank until it reaches the line marked "Formula". Then, fill the remainder of the tank with hot water until reaching the line marked "Water Line." Screw the cap back onto the tank and insert the tank back into the machine with the cap pointing downward.


Step 4

Plug the Flip-It power cord into an electrical outlet and turn the machine on by pressing the power button located on the left side of the tank.

Step 5

Look at the bottom front of the device, where it meets the floor, to determine which way to turn the Flip-It. Along the bottom of the front and back of the device you will see the words "Dry Side" and "Wet Side". Turn the dry side until it is facing forward and bend the handle back until it is behind the machine. Vacuum the entire surface of the floor to remove crumbs and dirt.


Step 6

Move the handle all the way forward until it flips over to the other side of the machine and walk around until you are standing in behind the handle. Begin moving the machine forward with the wet side facing forward to wash the floor. To dispense cleaning solution onto the floor, press in on the trigger in the handle. Press the trigger when moving the device forward and release it when you pull back on the machine to suck up the cleaner.


Step 7

Turn off the Flip-It power and unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet. Remove the dirty water tank on the lower front of the machine by grasping it and pulling outward. Empty the dirty water and then rinse the tank out with clean water. Reinsert the tank back into the Flip-It and store the machine.


Some models have a built-in heater for steam cleaning. To turn on the heat in these models, locate the heater switch on right side of the device. Push down on the switch to turn on the heater.


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