How to Attach Pew Bows

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Pew bows add a festive atmosphere to church events.

Pew bows add beauty and elegance to decorations for weddings and other church events. Most churches prefer that you use pew clips to attach bows to pews. Pew clips attach to the bows and hang over the ends of the pews. Unlike other methods of attaching pew bows, they don't damage the pews and hook to them tightly so you won't have to worry about bows coming off in the middle of your event.


Step 1

Buy pew clips from a wedding or craft supply store. The come in metal or plastic and a variety of colors; choose clips that best match your bows.

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Step 2

Slide the lower hook of the pew clip through one of the knots on the back of the bow. Tie a small bow around the lower hook to hide it.


Step 3

Hang the pew clip's larger hook over the arm rest or side of the pew. Fluff the bow to hide the upper hook of the pew clip.

Step 4

Repeat the process to attach the rest of the pew bows.

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