How to Hang Decorations on Vinyl Siding

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Things You'll Need

  • Siding clips

  • Releasable adhesive clips

  • Paper clips

  • Siding hooks

Decorate vinyl siding using specially made hooks and clips

Hanging decorations on vinyl siding can be rather tricky. You don't want to put holes in the vinyl siding so that it doesn't get damaged. Holes will allow water to get in between the vinyl siding and the interior wall, which will cause many problems, such as mold and rot. However, there are alternatives to hang decorations on your vinyl siding that will not cause damage to your decorations or your vinyl siding.


Step 1

Slide the hanger of the decoration into a siding clip. Push the clip up between the strips of vinyl siding until it is snug. Turn the clip with a flathead screwdriver until it is tight and will hold the decoration.

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Step 2

Press the releasable adhesive clip to the vinyl siding and hold it for 30 seconds to ensure good adhesion. Slip the decoration into the clip. To remove the clip, gently pull on the underside of the clip to release the adhesive.


Step 3

Unfold a paper clip a small amount and slip the hook into the small vent holes on the underside of the vinyl. These holes are very small and can only be seen by looking up under the vinyl siding strips. Use 2 to 4 paper clips per decoration as needed. Heavier decorations will need more paper clips.


Step 4

Insert a siding hook between the seams of your vinyl siding and place the decoration on the hook. Pull firmly to remove the hook when needed.


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