How to Make a Princess Leia Costume Out of a Sheet

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The ‌Star Wars‌ franchise is as popular today as it ever was, providing an excellent array of possible costumes, including one of its most popular characters: Princess Leia. Did you know you can make a great Princess Leia costume with a sheet, some simple sewing techniques and a few key accessories? This easy costume is perfect for ‌Star Wars‌ theme parties, cosplaying fun and Halloween festivities. Princess Leia Organa, as portrayed in the original films by the iconic Carrie Fisher, is a ‌Star Wars‌ fan favorite Halloween costume every year. Leia's recognizable look is always a hit no matter what you are celebrating.


A character known equally for her fierce feminism and her double-bun hairstyle, Princess Leia is a perfect DIY costume opportunity, particularly if you are looking for a couple's costume when paired with Han Solo, Luke Skywalker or another Jedi knight. A Princess Leia costume also makes a great addition to group ‌Star Wars‌ costumes depicting a whole cast of ‌Star Wars‌ characters from the franchise old and new, including imperial officers, Chewbacca, Kylo Ren, Yoda, Jabba the Hut, Ewoks and Darth Vader. Creating a DIY Princess Leia costume is easier than you may think and can be accomplished with two flat white bedsheets, some minimal sewing skills and this quick tutorial.

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Things You'll Need

  • 2 flat, twin-size sheets

  • Fabric marker

  • Sewing machine

  • Safety pins

  • Scissors

  • Two 9-inch pieces of elastic

  • Pair of white boots

  • White shirt with crew or mock-turtle collar

  • Belt

Sew the sheets together

Place your two flat sheets end to end along the narrow edge. Using a sewing machine, sew the ends together, being careful to leave a 12-inch gap in the stitches to allow space for your head to poke through.


Try it on

Like a poncho, place the sheets over your head so that one is in front of you and the other is behind you with your head placed through the hole in the center.

Get the perfect fit

Pin the sheets together at the wrists, under the arms, at the waist and at the hemline. This is tricky to do yourself unless you have a dressmaking model. Be generous with your fabric, allowing the sheets to drape loosely around the body as much as possible. Because Princess Leia's sleeves flare at the wrist, you will want to pin it tighter further up the arm and looser toward the bottom.



If you don't have access to a dressmaker mannequin, enlist a friend to help you with the tricky task of pinning the sheets around you.

Create the sew line

Remove the sheets and lay them out flat. Draw a line from the wrist pin to under the arm pin to the waist pin to the hem pin. This will create a sew line. To cut away excess white fabric, draw another line about an inch away from the sew line to create a cut line. Repeat on the other side. You will now have a drawing of your robe on the sheet.


Cut and sew

Using the cut line you drew, trim away excess fabric. Cut along the cut line through both sheets with scissors. Once you've removed the excess, sew the two sheets together along the sew line.


Hem the length

Turning the robe inside out, place it on your body to determine the length you want. Pin at the desired length and then hem it. Because it can be cut to size, this makes it a perfect Leia costume for kids. It's very trick-or-treating friendly as well since you can layer clothing under it in chilly weather, including a sweater and leggings. Being white, it also provides high visibility for your little ones.



Add the elastic

Elastic will be placed on the inside of each sleeve. Pin it in place and sew it in. This will allow the bottom of the sleeve to be as flowy as you would like but still have some shape to it.


The final touches

This costume works perfectly when worn over a high-neck white top. A T-shirt crew neck will work, but a turtleneck or mock neckline is best for getting the complete look. For footwear, look for white boots that come to the ankles or above them. A belt offers the final touch, particularly in white or black with heavier metal accents. Create Princess Leia's iconic bun hairdo to accompany your costume. You can also find a blaster gun on Amazon to complete your look.

This easy costume base garment created from two white flat sheets combines perfectly with Princess Leia's signature double-bun hairstyle and ‌Stars Wars‌ accessories. For a variation on the same character, you can also try this fun Princess Leia slave costume. May the force be with you at your next Halloween party or cosplay opportunity!



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