How to Tie Necklace Cord

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Cord necklaces, whether they be nylon, leather or waxed cotton, are a basic type of jewelry that can be created easily. One way to finish off a cord necklace is by tying the ends into a knot. However, a basic knot does not give the wearer the flexibility to adjust the length of the necklace. A good way to tie the ends of a necklace is with a slip knot that will ultimately allow for customization of necklace length. This type of knot works well with pendant necklaces.


Step 1

Make sure the cord has been strung through the pendant or beads before beginning. Although slip knots are easy to remove, it is best to have the pendant in place before beginning.

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Step 2

Tie one end of the cord into a basic single knot about three to four inches from the tip of the other end of cord. Make sure that not too much excess cord sticks out of the knot. Once the knot has been tied, you should be able to slide the knot up and down the cord.

Step 3

Take the other end of the cord (the one that has the knot tied around it) and tie another basic single knot around the opposite end of cord in the same manner. The cord ends should now be tied to each other.

Step 4

Grasp both knots and pull them in opposite directions. The knots will slide, allowing for adjustment of necklace length.


String some beads through the open end of cord before tying the second knot to fill any gaps. Depending on the desired length of necklace, add more or less beads.

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