How to Tie a Knot in Kandi

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Things You'll Need

  • Pony beads

  • Elastic cord

  • Scissors

Learn how to finish and secure a kandi pattern.

Tie the end of a piece of kandi jewelry to make sure that it never comes undone. The colorful pieces of jewelry made out of plastic pony beads worn by ravers are referred to as "kandi" and are sometimes woven in a pattern to make a cuff bracelet or a wide choker. Since elastic cord is smooth and tricky to tie in knots, you will need to use a specific technique to secure the end so that the cord does not easily unravel and scatter your beads.


Step 1

Pull the end of the elastic cord that is extending from the last bead in the pattern to tighten the last row of beads. Wrap the cord once around the last bead so that the end of the cord is now pointing in the opposite direction.

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Step 2

Weave the string up and down through the last and second-to-last rows until you get to the opposite end of the kandi pattern. Pull the elastic cord tight after you go through each bead.

Step 3

Make a loop with the elastic cord after you've passed through the last bead in the row. Feed the end of the cord through the loop to make a knot. Repeat the knot two more times and pull the end tight to secure it. Trim the excess cord from the end.


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