How to Add a Charm to a Necklace

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Things You'll Need

  • Charm

  • Necklace chain

  • Jump ring

  • Two pairs of flat-nose pliers

Necklace charms are an excellent way to declare your love for a personal interest or hobby. Charms also allow you to acknowledge an accomplishment or pay tribute to a family member or friend. When your charm is received without a chain, you'll need to attach the charm to a necklace in order to wear it. Luckily, attaching a charm to a necklace is easy if you have the right tools and a little patience.


Step 1

Grasp each side of the jump ring at the split using your pliers. Open a jump ring by pulling the ends away from each another with your pliers.

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Step 2

Slide the charm onto the jump ring once you have opened it.

Step 3

Close the jump ring once the charm is securely attached to the ring. Use your pliers to bring the two ends of the jump ring back together.

Step 4

Open the clasp on the necklace chain.

Step 5

String the jump ring holding the charm onto the necklace's chain. Allow the charm to fall naturally on the chain.


Step 6

Close the necklace chain's clasp by placing the chain around your neck or, if you are displaying the necklace, around that of a necklace display.


If you want your charm to stay stationary on your necklace chain as opposed to falling naturally, you can attach the charm’s jump ring inside one of the links of the necklace’s chain. Many people choose to let the charm fall naturally on their neckline. However, if you have a chain with larger links, this method will allow you to attach the charm with a small jump ring as opposed to using a larger jump ring in order to fit over the larger links, which may not be as visually appealing.


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