How to Make a Hemp Bracelet Two Colors

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Things You'll Need

  • Three strand of hemp, in two different colors

  • Piece of tape

You can add beads between knots to spice up your bracelet.
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Hemp bracelets are durable, waterproof bracelets made from hemp string or rope. The hemp material gives these bracelets a natural, earthy look. Although hemp often comes in a brownish color, the hemp string also comes in other colors. Use various colors to personalize your hemp bracelets. Give hemp bracelets as gifts and use them as friendship bracelets for a stylishly earthy look.


Step 1

Determine the length of your bracelet and measure a strand of hemp slightly longer than the bracelet length. Double this measurement and cut a strand of hemp this length. Fold the hemp in half to create two strands. Make these strands any color you like because they will not show much in the final bracelet.


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Step 2

Choose another strand of hemp -- one of the final colors you want in your bracelet. Make this hemp strand about six times longer than the length you want for your finished bracelet. Call this strand "A."

Step 3

Choose another hemp color and cut another piece of hemp the same length as the other colored strand. Call this strand "B."


Step 4

Gather the strands so that the shorter strands' folded middle and one end of each of the longer strands touch evenly. Tie a simple knot in all the strands near the top of the strand, but leave a small loop of hemp before the knot.

Step 5

Secure the loop end of the hemp strands to a flat work space with a piece of tape to keep the strands from moving as you work on the bracelet.


Step 6

Arrange the strands so that the two short strands lie between the other strands with strand A on the right and strand B on the left.

Step 7

Move strand A to the left, so that it lies over the middle base strands. Push the strand B so that it crosses under strand A. Keep everything loose so you can see what you're doing.


Step 8

Cross strand B under the bottom of strand A and under both middle strands. Bring strand B up through the loop created by strand A. Strand B crosses over the top of strand A as it passes through the loop.

Step 9

Push the knotted strands higher, so they touch the beginning of the bracelet, as you tighten the knot.


Step 10

Cross strand A, which is now on the left, over the two middle strands and under strand B.

Step 11

Cross strand B under the piece of strand A that's on the right. Cross strand B under the middle strands.


Step 12

Pull strand B through the loop created by strand A, crossing over the top of strand A.

Step 13

Tighten the new knot.

Step 14

Continue creating knots in this pattern until you reach the desired length. Tie another simple knot, like the one you used to create the first loop, to finish off the bracelet. Push this knot through the loop to secure the bracelet around your wrist.


You can add beads in between the knots to add interest to your bracelet.



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