Directions for Tissue Paper & Hibiscus Flowers

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Paper flowers offer an inexpensive option for gifts and decorating. Stencils or templates help to make paper flowers uniform, if you want to create flowers that look alike--craft stores and websites offer flower patterns. Once you have the knack of it, create customized flowers to adorn gifts, hang as garlands, make paper flower necklaces, floral arrangements in vases and for any other craft project or decorative purposes. Draw your own paper flowers for a hand-crafted effect. Hibiscus flowers make a dramatic decoration for hair ornaments, purses, party favors and to string into necklaces or hang as decorations.


Center a pipe cleaner for the hibiscus flower stamen.

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Things You'll Need

  • Thick Pipe Cleaners In Green And Yellow

  • Flower Patterns Available In Craft Stores Or Online, Optional

  • Colored Tissue Paper

  • Scissors

Step 1

Stack 5 pieces of tissue paper on the table. Use two or more colors to create more depth for the flower, such as red, fuchsia and yellow for a hibiscus flower. Use yellow and gold for sunflowers; white and pink for daisies.


Step 2

Draw the hibiscus flower or other flower on the tissue paper--draw the outer line, as that's all you need for cutting it out. Alternatively, use a flower pattern to draw the flower. Draw narrow rounded petals for daisies. For sunflowers, draw a circle for the center and long pointed petals. Use a spice jar or quarter to make the circle.

Step 3

Hold the stack of tissue paper down firmly with one hand, keeping your hand away from the path of the scissors. Cut along the line, following each petal, through all the layers of tissue paper.


Step 4

Poke a hole in the middle of the hibiscus or other flower carefully with the tip of the scissors, working it through the layers.

Step 5

Make a1/2-inch loop in the end of a green pipe cleaner and wrap the end of the loop around the straight part of the pipe cleaner twice to hold it in place. Stick the straight end through the middle of the flower from the top of the flower, so the loop ends up in the center of the flower and the straight end comes out as the stem.

Step 6

Cut a 3 inch piece of yellow pipe cleaner--adjust the length for the size of the hibiscus flower. Bend the end of the yellow pipe cleaner up a 1/2 inch into a hook. Hook it through the green pipe cleaner loop and twist it around twice to hold the hibiscus stamen in place.

Step 7

Curl each flower petal--all the layers--downward slightly around a pencil to give them a natural appearance.


For other kinds of flowers, cut short pieces of yellow or orange tissue paper and glue them into the center of the flower, or make a small wad of tissue paper to glue in place to create the center of the flower. Crepe paper creates sturdier flowers and will stand up better to windy conditions outdoors than tissue paper.


Use caution with scissors.


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