How to Make a Cow Sock Puppet

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Things You'll Need

  • Tube sock, adult-size, white or gray

  • 2 buttons

  • Black felt

  • Pink felt

  • Red felt

  • Scissors

  • Craft glue

  • Needle

  • Thread

Cow sock puppets are easy to make.

A sock can be transformed into many creatures, people or animals—as a puppet perfect for kids. Making a sock puppet into a farm animal, such as a cow, can present the opportunity to teach children about nature, animals and farm life. Cow sock puppets are fun to play with and easy to make. Even a small child can help create a cow sock puppet easily. Everything needed to make a cow sock puppet can be found at any craft supply store.


Step 1

Place a sock onto a flat surface, and arrange the sock so that the heel side is down.

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Step 2

Measure 3 inches from the end of the toe and place two buttons horizontally across the area. Carefully sew down the buttons, only stitching through the top layer of the sock.


Step 3

Cut out shapes from felt that will be used to create a cow. Cut a 2-inch-long oval out of pink felt, two 1/2-inch-wide circles out of black felt, larger asymmetrical shapes out of black felt (for your cow's spots), and a 2-inch-long tongue shape out of red felt.

Step 4

Arrange the felt shapes around your sock puppet to ensure the sizing is right for your particular sock. If the sizes of the felt shapes are too large, trim the edges with your scissors.


Step 5

Spread glue onto one side of the pink felt oval. Arrange the pink felt oval 1 inch down from the buttons, and press it into the sock to secure the glue. Spread glue onto one side of each of the black circles, and place them horizontally onto the pink oval. These will be the nostrils. Spread glue onto the asymmetrical black shapes, and arrange them onto the body of the sock.


Step 6

Once the glue has dried, fit the sock onto your hand, and push the toe of the sock inwards. This will be the mouth of the cow. Spread glue onto the red tongue shape, and press it into the sock mouth. Allow the felt tongue to dry completely before use.


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