How to Decorate a Banquet Hall for Christmas

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Things You'll Need

  • Tables

  • Chairs

  • Linens

  • Ornaments

  • Candy Canes

  • Christmas lights

  • Photos

  • Tape

  • Tacks

  • Hammer

Christmas decorations can transform a banquet hall into a festive location.

Since a banquet hall is a standard venue for a variety of locations you will want to add festive decorations in order to customize it for a Christmas party. Since a banquet hall will generally be a blank canvas for you to decorate, you can utilize a wide variety of decorating options to transform the room into a Christmas wonderland.


Step 1

Arrange the tables and chairs to accomodate for seating of all invited individuals. Drape the tables, and chairs if desired, with linens. To make the seating festive, use Christmas specific linens or simply use linens in Christmas colors, red and green.

Step 2

Wind Christmas lights around banisters, poles and tack along walls. If desired, wrap the lights around the edges of tables as well. Use white lights or colorful lights, or even a mixture of the two, depending on your preference.


Step 3

Set mood lighting with some festively colored candles in red, green, gold and silver. Position them in low traffic areas where they are not likely to be bumped and knocked over.

Step 4

Set up a collage of past year Christmas parties. This could be applicable regardless if the party is family or business orientated. Either way it well help to establish a sense of holiday nostalgia.

Step 5

Hang stocking on the wall or mantle if applicable. Cluster colorful ornaments in a bowl in the center of each table as a centerpiece. Place a candy cane at each place setting.